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I remembered struggling with achieving my goals.


Each year, I usually start up by writing what I would achieve at the end of the year but I always end up achieving nothing,

I discovered that It wasn't just by writing long list of things, I would never dare to achieve, infact I realized that I was missing out on something really vital.  which I am going to be explaining in this live webinar.

Last year, showed a lot of  people shege, most people only saved their lives instead of the amount they had initially planned to save before the year runs out.

Before I Continue, Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m Miracle Solomon

A coach, digital interepreneur, she is passionate about helping others grow in their personal development and finance.
Her aim is to impact the lives of more youth positively.

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This WEBINAR is going to be for

  • Fresh Graduate
  • Nursing Mothers
  • Anyone who is willing to be self reliant.

This webinar is not going to be the regular webinar because with this knowledge I am about to share,

I and my students have been able to scale up in our finance and most importantly our personal development.

So you would be learning the following:

  • The right mindset to becoming an achiever in 2023.
  • The right set of skills to learn in 2023
  • A Proper break down of  AMAP(Affiliate marketing Accelerator Program)
  • How you can monetize skills gotten from AMAP and never beg for urgent 2k.

At this point I have nothing more to say.

You know it works.

 The only thing that would hold you back from getting access to this life changing webinar is that you’re actually comfortable with where you are.

You love being broke..

 you love struggling to pay your bills and struggling to take care of your loved ones.

You never want to be able to afford things you want.

That’s okay if that’s who you are.

 But if you know that’s not you..

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